CLINICAL VISIT SUMMARY – Product Information Notice

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Message from GE Healthcare:

December 19, 2014

Dear Centricity Customer,

We would like to make you aware of potentially unexpected behavior when attaching a clinical visit summary to a patient’s chart that, if not immediately addressed as instructed below, has the potential in limited cases to inadvertently lead to health information from one patient being available to another patient. Users of Centricity Practice Solution 12.0.x or Centricity EMR 9.8.x should follow the instructions in this letter to determine if you have experienced this issue in the past. We recommend that you upgrade to Service Pack 7 to ensure you avoid the situation in the future.

Clinical Visit Summary Appending Incorrectly SPR 60572: In certain rare circumstances, a clinical visit summary (CVS) generated from within one patient’s open chart will append to another, previously-closed patient chart. This CVS could then be provided to the other patient, whether manually or automatically via secure message.

Recommended Actions We have posted to the service portal a script that can identify the patients’ charts at risk of containing an incorrectly appended CVS. We recommended that you follow the steps in the Release Notes to run the detection script. The Release Notes can be downloaded from the Access Documentation section of the CPS Service Portal or the CEMR Service Portal. We recommend that you examine any at-risk charts identified by the script for incorrectly appended summaries. If any are found, we sugges you

  1. change the incorrect CVS to Filed in Error AND
  2. retract any secure messages that may have delivered the summaries.

Please note: only some of the charts identified by the script will contain an incorrectly appended summary. You will need to run the detection script frequently and manually remediate any issues until you upgrade to a version where the situation is corrected. A fix is available for those on Service Pack 6, and the situation is corrected in Service Pack 7.

Contact Information If you have experienced this issue or have questions, please contact Centricity Support by calling 1-888-436-8491.

Maintaining a high level of quality is our highest priority. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately per the contact information above.


Peter Kinhan, Vice President and General Manager, Ambulatory Practice Solutions GE Healthcare IT