Enhancement Requests: Let Your Voice Be Heard


Oh the day when the spell check from the preview screen works, or how about hosted claims checking on the EMR side to help with correct coding?.

We all have enhancement requests to the products we use. Our forums page has a section to discuss feature requests, but did you know that the GE Portal has a place to submit your suggestions? Once submitted, those requests are processed by the GE Development Team and may someday become a reality!

There are several other opportunities for you as a user to collaborate with GE to improve the products you use – from advisory teams and work group members to early adopters and limited availability clients, there are many different ways to be involved. Help take an active part in the discussions to streamline our workflow and enhance user experience.

We need to communicate with them, they are listening! For more information on how you can “let your voice be heard”, check out the GE portal and type in “Customer Collaboration” in the search.