Is there Light at the end of this Healthcare Tunnel?

“Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens.  An response is something we can choose at any moment.”

Does anyone else feel like healthcare is consuming most of your life these days? I am reading blogs on Healthcare IT, Healthcare law, Healthcare updates, Healthcare mandates, Healthcare…you get the idea.

As a Practice Administrator, I feel as though I should have an IT, law, administration, accounting, and marketing degree. I am fortunate to work for a Physician that believes in investing in his employees and providing resources to get our jobs done, but I wonder about those that don’t? Even with endless resources, the burden to stay on top of the latest news in healthcare is cumbersome. On top of the things you HAVE to do, what about the things you want to do?

At our Practice, we want to provide excellent healthcare, with wow service, and create raving fans! In addition to care, we want to work on our business, continuing to grow and improve. A very daunting task with the all-consuming healthcare NEWS that just seems to add to the pile of “have to.”

Our Physician recently added a morning huddle to our clinical team and I provide one for our business team. The huddle includes the good and bad from the prior day, the need-to-know for the current day, any raving fan testimonies from the day before, and an inspirational or motivational quote to get us in the right mindset. It’s been a phenomenally easy, yet effective way to lessen the stress of the “have to” and really focus on the “want to.”

To play the game of healthcare you’ve got to get your mind right!

Leslie Fortson | Vein Specialists