Meaningful Use Admin Set up for Dummies


If you are on the systems administration side of things, you have been given the daunting task to set up the administration side of CPS12 to get ready for Meaningful Use 2. Unfortunately, the easy button to do this requires many steps. Here is an admin check list for you to reach Meaningful U use 2 core measures using CPSv12:

1. Set up clinical staff that can enter CPOE orders

2. All laboratory and radiology orders need to be code classified

3. In user management make sure all EP’s have the Meaningful Use Attributes section filled out including their secure electronic address

4. All uncoded medications need to be labeled drug or non-drug

5. Make sure all the forms you choose to use in your encounters will map to snomed codes

6. Set up the clinical decision support website in administration

7. Keep Medispan database up to date for drug interactions

8. EP’s need to have two security permissions to provide clinical summaries for each visit. Export Summary Documents and Export unsigned Chart Data

9. To generate a list of patients by specific conditions make sure your end user has the Clinical Inquires/Reports permissions

10. To run patient reminders make sure your end user has the Print reminders for patient permission

11. Set up the info button website (Truven Handouts) in administration The next step is getting Clinical Quality Reporting (CQR) installed. More to come on CQR in a future posting. By: Tonya Racine | Wausau Bone & Joint wausau bone  and joint