Meaningful Use Stage 2 Tips: Core Measure 12 (Preventive Care)


To meet Core Measure 12, Centricity has the ability to mass generate letters in conjunction with Inquires to transmit targeted reminder letters. It is possible to retrieve a subset of patients with a certain condition who were seen on a given date range. After retrieving the list, reminder letters can be generated for each patient, pulling patient specific details into the letter template. To have the action counted with CQR, the letter MUST be saved in a folder with “Actionable” in the title.

Example: To setup an inquiry to retrieve diabetic patients seen in a month, an inquiry can be setup with these criteria:
FIND patients WHERE problem code ICD-9, active CONTAINS ‘250’ AND FIND patients WHERE appointment date IS ON OR AFTER 01/01/2015 AND FIND patients WHERE appointment date IS BEFORE 02/01/2015.

After clicking search and retrieving the information, reminders can be generated by selecting the activity of SEND REMINDER. Find the letter template and click print.

Mike Baeske
Software Applications Specialist – Team Leader
Ortho NorthEast (“ONE”)
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