Webinar Etiquette

How many webinars, on-line meetings, or calls have you been on in the past month? We have complied a list of the Top 4 things Not To Do:

1. Show up late and interrupt the conversation to let those know you have arrived.

2. Forget you are on mute. People are asking you questions and you aren’t responding? Why? Check your phone to make sure you haven’t forgotten to un-mute the call!

3. Don’t leave your phone line open. Are you driving? Are you talking to someone else during the call? Remember to turn your phone on mute — just don’t forget to take it off once you’re finished!

4. Don’t put the meeting on hold. On-hold music can be distracting and make it difficult for others to hear the conversation.

Check out this hilarious video from Tripp and Tyler – we’ve all encountered a few of these scenarios a time or two!