Empowering Healthcare Heroes: Commure/Athelas Recognized for AI Solutions in Combating Burnout

A photo depicting the positive impact of technology on healthcare workers well-being

As a healthcare worker, I cannot express enough how vital it is to have innovative solutions in our arsenal to combat burnout. The recognition by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs speaks volumes about the impact technology can have on improving the well-being of frontline workers. The Ambient Dictation for Clinical Encounters and Community Care Document Processing tracks are areas where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, and having a solution that streamlines these processes can make a world of difference. Congratulations on being named a top finalist in both categories – your dedication to addressing burnout in healthcare is truly commendable and much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the positive impact your Scribe solution will undoubtedly have on improving the lives of healthcare workers.

A letter from Athelas Scribe:

We’re thrilled to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a leading technology company helping to reduce burnout for healthcare workers.

The VA’s Artificial Intelligence Tech Sprint competition is focused on the development of trustworthy AI solutions to address burnout among healthcare workers in two tracks: Ambient Dictation for Clinical Encounters & Community Care Document Processing.

Commure/Athelas is one of the only companies to make it as a top finalist in both categories with our Scribe solution.

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