Schedule & Manage Surgeries with your EMR

Have you considered using your EMR to schedule and manage your surgeries?

  • Create an encounter form to help your provider order surgery.
  • Use required fields to make sure the provider cannot advance without supplying the minimally essential information needed to schedule the procedure.
  • Program dynamic lists into the form to be specific to each surgeon. Only show them the special surgical needs they use or would like to see.
  • Formatting on the order page will help organize this surgical information in a structure that is easy for the receiver to read. Critical information can be placed near the top of the order followed by supporting documentation, or a particular detail can be placed in all CAPS. Either way the significant information will stand out.

Use secure messaging! Secure messaging can help you communicate PHI and these key surgical details to the facility and the vendors who need it. The tracking tool in secure messaging will allow the user to see the date and time the vendors and facilities received the orders. This tracking allows the path to be transparent and helps hold all parties responsible to the process. No longer can a vendor or facility say to the physician they did not get an order for surgery.

By: Tom Pawlik | Ortho NorthEast