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Insurance Companies have never made claims processing a simple task and with ICD10 this is likely to get worse and not better. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your accounts receivable department, analyze their workflow, and increase productivity.

Utilizing letters within CPS is one way to make the most of staff’s precious time. How often does your staff need to complete appeal letters in order to be paid for services? This is a frequent task at our site and one that previously took so long it was pushing aside other necessary tasks. Staff workflow included pulling the carriers appeal form off their website and manually completing it, too much time was going into ‘double data entry’ all the information is listed in CPS, yet staff were spending time copying it onto the insurance companies form.

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Have you considered using your EMR to schedule and manage your surgeries?

  • Create an encounter form to help your provider order surgery.
  • Use required fields to make sure the provider cannot advance without supplying the minimally essential information needed to schedule the procedure.
  • Program dynamic lists into the form to be specific to each surgeon. Only show them the special surgical needs they use or would like to see.
  • Formatting on the order page will help organize this surgical information in a structure that is easy for the receiver to read. Critical information can be placed near the top of the order followed by supporting documentation, or a particular detail can be placed in all CAPS. Either way the significant information will stand out.

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When I started to implement a patient portal there were a few things I realized I needed to think about first.

1. Hardware and bandwidth:

One of the first things you have to consider is where is it going to run, on your own equipment or hosted? If in house, you will need a dedicate server (or two) depending on how many providers you have and what you expect in usage. This will use your internet connection, so make sure you have enough bandwidth to serve your practice plus additional for patient portal use. If you are using a hosted solution for your EMR and patient portal, you mainly have to worry about the cost of the additional servers and the bandwidth from your provider. Do not forget that your usage will increase over time!

2. Design:

Second thing to do is to figure out your design of the patient portal. If you have an existing website trying to mimic it can be difficult, but not impossible. Think on what will make easy to use to for your least technical patient. You want to make sure that they understand where to go to send messages, or fill out patient forms. Once you have settled on your design, start to fill in with content.

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Here is a quick tip:

To help providers maintain productivity while implementing new EHR workflows, consider having them use the new workflow on the first few patients of the morning or afternoon until they weed out conflicts and gain more confidence in using the software. Week by week they will add more and more patients until they are 100% electronic.

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