Increase Productivity with Letters

Insurance Companies have never made claims processing a simple task and with ICD10 this is likely to get worse and not better. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your accounts receivable department, analyze their workflow, and increase productivity.

Utilizing letters within CPS is one way to make the most of staff’s precious time. How often does your staff need to complete appeal letters in order to be paid for services? This is a frequent task at our site and one that previously took so long it was pushing aside other necessary tasks. Staff workflow included pulling the carriers appeal form off their website and manually completing it, too much time was going into ‘double data entry’ all the information is listed in CPS, yet staff were spending time copying it onto the insurance companies form.

We took 5 of our top carriers and built their appeal forms into CPS letters. In combination with using component-specific reports, staff now print the appeal letters right at the visit level and the system populates the bulk of data needed. We also added a standard appeal letter that pulls the claims information which can be used for any insurance appeal. The letters open up in MS Word and the staff can add additional information for reason of appeal. A process that was taking 10 to 15 minutes a patient is now taking less than 1 minute.

You can take advantage of the same process for authorization letters to primary care physicians. Build the letter, make sure to use component-specific reports, and attach the letter to the scheduling module. If you have a Biscom Fax or a similar product you can fax the authorization right out of CPS from the print action button.

Don’t let ‘double data entry’ bog down your staff. Take advantage of the data that is in your system and use letters and component-specific reports to snatch back your staff’s productivity!

By: Debra L. Mitchell, RN, BSN, MBA | Children’s Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates, LLP.
Children's Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates